Control Requirements for Pre-Packaging, E-Marking and The Average Weights System

Can the staff who control and sample your filling lines:

  • Control overfill and still comply with the average weights requirements?
  • Calculate and apply the T1 and T2 values for your filling processes?
  • Interpret the printouts from your weight analysers or checkweighers?
  • Understand the significance of e-marking products?
  • Explain why you check-weigh samples of your product hourly or half-hourly?
  • Outline the implications of not complying with the Average Weights System?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, perhaps your Company our half-day training programme.

Programme Aim:

To provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the National and European Union Legal Quantity Control Requirements for Pre-Packaged Products.

It will enable participants to:

  • State the Three Rules for Packers as defined in The Packaged Goods Act
  • Apply these three rules to their own filling and packaging areas
  • Outline the statistical theory which underpins the Average System
  • Explain the significance of e-marking pre-packaged products
  • Evaluate their own sampling systems and sampling plans for compliance with the Regulations
  • Identify the consequences of non-compliance

A programme certificate will not be issued to all attending personnel.


This is a very interactive programme which will include numerous involvement exercises relevant to the participants’ own areas.