E2 Grade Test Weights Calibration

E2 Grade Test Weights Calibration Cork IrelandThe Laboratory has I.N.A.B. Accreditation Status, Registration Number 161C, for the Following E Grade Test-Weights.

To ensure that no loss of accuracy is incurred during the transportation of weights from the client’s premises, on request we arrange specialised transport for your weights to and from the laboratory.

correction icon  = Metrology Systems is Accredited to Calibrate E2 Grade Weights of these Nominal Values

Nominal ValueE2
2 kgcorrection icon
1 kgcorrection icon
500 gcorrection icon
200 gcorrection icon
100 gcorrection icon
50 gcorrection icon
20 gcorrection icon
10 gcorrection icon
5 gcorrection icon
2 gcorrection icon
1 gcorrection icon
500 mgcorrection icon
200 mgcorrection icon
100 mgcorrection icon
50 mgcorrection icon
20 mgcorrection icon
10 mgcorrection icon
5 mgcorrection icon
2 mgcorrection icon
1 mgcorrection icon